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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Choice time is a key part of our play-based curriculum, as children are able to develop skills at their own pace. Areas of emphasis include socialization, self-help skills, problem solving, language development and hands on explorations of art, science and math.

This classroom forms the foundation for a lifetime of learning and creativity. Some of our academic skills we will be introducing are letter recognition, number recognition, self help skills, and phonemic awareness.  We will work on working in a group, patience with others and managing time for the emotional skills. Our daily schedule is here.


The Three Year Old Class has 2 teachers for 20 children. All teachers create a classroom environment full of innovative, original activities that allow children to explore and learn. We believe that school should be a place for children to prepare themselves for the bigger world by experimenting with friendships and society, exploring emotions, and ultimately discovering her or his own power within the community. 

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​2-Year Old Preschool Class


The Two Year Old Class provides children with the beginning steps to knowing themselves as a learner in a group setting.  Children are supported to work through transitions and share so that they are better prepared for the dynamics of community learning. Teachers help children and parents work through separation.


The Two Year Old Class has 3 teachers for 16 children. This ratio surpasses the requirements established by the state and provides your child with the best learning experience.  Children in diapers are welcome in our two year old program. Our daily schedule is here.

Pre-Kindergarten Class
(4+Year Old Preschool Class)

The PreK Room is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten through cooperative and imaginative play. Children prepare to tackle new challenges through problem solving, listening and accepting responsibility. Opportunities are provided to increase verbal and comparative skills, enhance socialization, develop motor skills and build self-esteem. 


Each day includes large group and small group work that challenges

children individually and as a member of a group. Our goal is to meet children at their individual stages of development and challenge them to rise to the next level. Our daily schedule is here.

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